About CeramicEggs.com

Clay Concepts LLC opened for business in February 1993. We began by selling to the arts and crafts markets and soon included the agricultural markets. The arts and crafts market included gift, hobby shops and home decor. The agricultural markets, we realized, had a need for a product, which would help people who raise chickens for their eggs. The use of ceramic eggs helps train young chickens to start laying eggs. The ceramic eggs also encourage the chickens to lay the eggs in one spot instead of all over the back yard. Another use is to discourage the chickens from pecking and breaking the eggs, which also prevents the chicken from eating her own eggs as a result of the pecking.

Our clients also include fundraisers. The eggs are painted by volunteers and sold during the Easter season to support various charitable projects.

Of course, Easter is much more fun with all the colorful eggs and our ceramic pastel eggs can be displayed in a basket (or a favorite container) in the home. When the children are grown, this is a way to continue having “dyed” eggs in the home.

*Helping children create their own designs on the ceramic eggs will result in a memory for mom or grandparents.

Teachers use them as school projects, again, with the idea of creating a keepsake for the family to enjoy.

People with an artistic talent like to add their unique designs and use them as gifts or as décor items in the home.

Our ceramic eggs are handcrafted in a manufacturing setting. We take pride in offering a product that is very similar to the “real” thing. We have stories of people being fooled because the eggs look so real.

While we take pride in how real looking our eggs are, we know that they are not eggs laid by chickens, geese or birds. However, we believe that our ceramic eggs do strongly resemble the real eggs that nature produces.

Finally, we are proud that the ceramic eggs we manufacture in Marshall, TX are 100% made in the USA. Thank you for considering our product for nest eggs, home décor or arts and crafts.

*Children should have adult supervision when using our ceramic eggs, especially the small bird eggs. These ceramic eggs are not toys.